Wordle 342: Tiara Was The Answer

Wordle 342 was the Wordle extent of the wind beneath my wings that I needed. I mean, it would have been even better if it were Adieu. That way I would have finally gotten a one guesser. Instead, the answer was Tiara on my third guess. Regardless, this was the best Wordle in awhile. Mostly because I stayed in line and didn’t try to use X.

I had a yellow A and I from Adieu. That I immediately tossed into Stair. After a quick double check for letter placement and a cooling off period to make sure I was certain, I hit return. The A went green. Everything else, but the S went or stayed yellow. 

This Wordle was moving along at a decent clip and I really didn’t want to screw it up. I did a bit of  tryping. For a moment I figured that Trait could be the Wordle, but then I saw the overlapped I’s. That’s when I put the I before the A. Followed by the quick fruition of Tiara

Could there really be two double letter Wordle’s in a row? Was I just doing this to watch the world  burn Wordle style? I hit enter and as the first two letters when green, my victorious smile grew.


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