Sometimes Wordle Is Ruined By People Like Me

Sometimes Wordle is ruined by people like me. Though for the sake of those people, I hope they are not too much like me. Finding any sort of value in writing about Wordle is certainly one of those pursuits that will be seen as sad or boring. Drawing criticism and jeering from the meatfisted Chuck Tudsley’s that enjoy the more commercial and prominent things in life. The kind of people that say or think they have something better to do. When they actually, really, probably, do not.

Writing about Wordle is a tricky and cruel mistress. As a courtesy, I give a few days between puzzle and post. Letting all timezones resolve and giving time travelers a grace period. Though typically, I have the post written by the end of the same day. Oh the trendy SEO wave I could ride by posting the same day. Yet, I would be spoiling it for fellow players. Releasing the solution into the wilds of social media. Floating around where followers and non-followers alike could see it. 

That is except for today. A day that while thinking of a brand new post entitled, “There Isn’t Enough Coffee.” I proved that title deftly accurate. There simply wasn’t enough coffee as I set the time, but not the date. Immediately hitting the publish button. Realizing in the next blink what I’d done. Hearing my phone chime that I’d posted something six hours old, two seconds ago. 

Immediately I leapt into action like some sort of WordPressian acrobat. Deleting the post. Then chasing it through my social feeds and deleting those posts. Hoping that no one who plays will see the answer sitting in big bold letters.



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