Wordle 341: The Answer Was Asset

Wordle 341, I know that I’ve used Asset before as a guess. Why it didn’t come to me before a word like Annex, I can’t be sure. Some people just want to watch world burn. Others want to use X in a Wordle guess. 

Having been started off with a green A and E, Adieu had left me in a fairly decent place. Which gave me the space to type in Annex with nary a carry in the world. Nor a second thought. It was like I’d spent my entire Wordle carrier pining to hit return on Annex. Boom! It was in and my smirk was gone.

A gave the third guess about an hour. Got ready for work and took the dogs out. It was as I was feeding them the I decided that Alter would be a good next guess. At least I go a yellow T

The fourth guess came an indiscriminate amount of time after that. I honestly can’t recall how long it took, but it was certainly a bit. I’d do some tryping. Letting the T sit for a spell. It was when I went back to the double letters of Annex and changed the X to a T that I saw the solution.



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