Wordle 372: The Answer Was Rusty

Wordle 372 was my first Wordle in over a week. It was one of the best ones I’ve ever played. Well, as far as solve time goes. Also, it’s not every Wordle where you practically solve the puzzle and then simply have to add one letter.

I started with Adieu. I may have taken a break, but that didn’t mean I was changing my methods. I got a yellow U.

Next I went with Crust. Sure it didn’t try to suss out anymore vowels, but I didn’t care. Everything but the C went yellow. 

So, there was a word I recognized in yellow and I knew if I put a Y at the end of it, that would also be a word. Quite likely in green. 

And it was. 


Wordle 364: Cacao Was The Answer

Wordle 364’s answer was Cacao. I began with Adieu.  Tried one of my preferred second guesses, Roast right after. Followed by Canon.

I think what the most interesting thing about today’s puzzle is after completing it, I found that my streak is one. Which wasn’t unexpected. I didn’t play yesterday. I’ve been missing a few puzzles lately. Apparently my numbering is off.

Oh well.

Wordle 363: The Answer Was Apron

I knew Wordle 363 was going to be difficult right away. Somewhere around the D in Adieu going gray right after the A and before the I. My lips puckered and shift toward the size in a moue. I knew sensed that Adieu was going to strike out.

I didn’t play for another twelve hours. When I got a green O and L from Story and Clock. 

Could the word really begin with F again so soon? I thought as I hit enter on Flown. After, I watched everything go green except the F

Blown had to the answer. Even though B rarely makes a presence in Wordle. In this case, B did appear though and I was finished. I was right, it was going to be a difficult Wordle. It was also the second puzzle in a row that was all gray or green.

Wordle 362: The Answer Was Apron

Wordle 362 made me do a squinty eyed duckface immediately after beginning to play. The A from the starting word Adieu going green. That’s the second time in three days that a word began with A. Which is the second time that has happened in two weeks. That last instance being with the letter F.

Eventually that duckface turned into something that looked a bit more like frustration. I just wasn’t getting it and I had other things I wanted to do. 




Those three got me a green O and R. I was a bit stunned that none of them worked. I mean Ascot is totally in Wordle’s wheelhouse.

Turns out it was Apron. Which came after that flurry of choices.

Wordle 360: Atone Was The Answer

Wordle 360 did what I love and that is to have Wordle to become a little to on the nose. Atone was the answer. In away, I had some atoning to do. I hadn’t really been in the mood for Wordle for the last few days. While I did stretch this one out, it was nearly as long. It also had better results. 

Plus, I guessed Atone on my third guess. After Alone sent everything but the L green, Atone was the only real choice. So, I had some atoning to do there as well. 

I do have to give credit to Adieu getting me a green A and yellow E right at the start. Though it did take me a few ours to decide on Alone. 

This was actually a really good Wordle.

Wordle 359: Donor Was The Answer

Wordle 359 made me admit that maybe I’m stretching Wordle out for hours because I’m getting a little bored of Wordle. I don’t get the rush anymore. I used to see that timer ticking down, letting me know how much longer I’d have to wait for a puzzle. That would anticipation would lead some form of excitement.

That was never more apparent than my second guess. After twelve hours of not knowing what word to use, or having time for a second guess I typed in Doggy. Oh, I knew it was a dumb idea, but I was having a lack of imagination or want to figure out what to do with that silly yellow D I’d been given by Adieu.

For a stupid guess, Doggy did give me a green D and  O. Honestly not all that helpful, but good none the less. Next up was the arguably just as ineffective Dooms at least I now know that there was another O lurking.

That’s when I started tryping like crazy for a few minutes, Donor became an obvious non-self destructieve choice.

Wordle 357: Wordle X: My First Incomplete

Wordle 357, I just wasn’t feeling you. At least I’m pretty sure. I have no recollection of completing you anyway. No, I wasn’t in some sort of state where my memory should be called into question. I just chose to watch television and read instead.

I did intend to play and started with Adieu. Then made a boneheaded move. Actually, it was a typo. Instead of typing Store like I intended, I typed Stare. After that, I lost interest. 

That counts as a Wordle X. Which I assumed it would. I do wonder what happens if Wordle isn’t played at all. If no guess is entered does Wordle X occur?

Wordle 358: Float Was The Answer

Wordle 358 continued the days long new take on Wordle where I play it for hours. Unlike Wordle 357, I did finish this one. Unlike the previous Wordles, this one took me five guesses.

Adieu and Roast did great at getting a yellow O and A with a green T. That was that. 

Twelve hours later I returned with Gloat which shifted everything except the G to green. Awesome! So, I bet it’s Bloat, right? I mean, how many words this week are going to start with F. And someone at The Times has to be reading these posts, right? We have to be nemesi of sorts, right?


With the B sitting green and mocking me, I double checked my choices. Convinced that F couldn’t be the solution, but that was how it looked. That’s because that is how it was.


Wordle 356: Piety Was The Answer

Wordle 356 continued the trend of all day Wordle play. Taking my time while playing Wordle seems to be improving my chance of not failing.

While Adieu was the first guess, as usual, my second was Tiers. The yellow I and E went green and brought along a yellow T

That was pretty exciting. So I took a break. When I returned, I brought Feint along. When that didn’t work, I tried Piety.


Wordle 355: The Answer Was Girth

Wordle 355 was decidedly slower paced than the previous Wordle. I played it for close to twelve hours. I still used four guesses, but the added length of time could be why I didn’t use six.

Adieu left with with a yellow I. That I put in Choir  immediately after. Adding a yellow H to the letters. 

Then I took a break, like an hours and hours long break. An entire workday passed. I took dogs for walks. Lived life and let all the words I was fixating on disappear.

When I came back Girth was an obvious choice. It just bubbled up in all that clear space I’d made available. No other words were there to hinder it’s arrival. But I chose to type in Birth at the last second. Because B so often appears in Wordle. For those keeping track it does not. 

Four guesses.

Wordle 354: The Answer Was Trait

Wordle 354’s answer was Trait. An answer that I got in well under a minute. Once again, I can’t stress enough that Wordle needs a speed run mode. It would be just one more way to play the super popular word game.

With the yellow A and I from Adieu, I hit return on on Stair. What was yellow went green as T and R went yellow. 

Trait was almost a reflex. So fast was my decision, typing, and committing the guess. I could have totally made a boneheaded move, but I didn’t. Everything went green and I was done.

Wordle 353: The Answer Was Flood

Wordle 353 stumped me right off the hop by giving me a yellow D. It’s probably my least favorite letter to go solo yellow. It’s that lack of vowels that makes me despair so. Also, it doesn’t help that Wordle used double O’s for the second day in a row. Gloom followed by Flood, that just isn’t fair Wordle. 

So after Adieu left me with that yellow D, I tried Chord. Both the O and D went green. Totally positive, but not all that helpful. 

I took a break. After an hour or so, I played Blond. The L went green and I was still stumped. 

After another hour or so, I figured it out. The answer was Flood.

Wordle 352: Gloom Was The Answer

I thought Wordle 352 was a great Wordle. One of the kind of Wordless that made me take a few hour long breaks to figure out. Even though I was trying to use as few guesses as possible, it still took me five guesses to do. 

Adieu was no help and Roast added a yellow O. This is where hour long break occurred. While taking the dogs out I came up with Flown, which gave me a green L and O. It also helped address some semi-vowel concerns. Though I still couldn’t be sure if Y was lurking somewhere. Yet, it seemed to soon for Y to be at the end.

After a few hours of work, it was time to take the dogs out again. Before we’d even left, I’d conjured Block. I waited until we got back to enter it. When I did, I surprised that I got nothing. I was starting to feel stumped. Looking at all the ashen letters that I’d burned through. Gloom was the only word that made sense.

Wordle 351: The Answer Was Depth: The Guesses Did Not

Wordle 351 answer of Depth was ironic given the hissy fit a pitched about P not really showing up much in Wordle. In less than twelve hours of writing that post, P ended up appearing in Wordle. Don’t you think for a moment that my fingers paused in place, hovering above my keys. Tracing my soul for any sense of self-sabotage. My care levels were high, intentions pure, and guess true. 

Depth went green pretty quick. With Adieu being my go to starting word, D and E appeared in gold. In under thirty seconds I had those letters down at the end of Trode. After getting a yellow T in addition to everything that was already yellow staying yellow, I wasn’t sure where to go.

Words like Detox and Death came to mind. Both already eliminated by gray letters. However, the last one gave me inspiration for Depth. Full disclosure, I’d spelled it as Deth. Which was certainly not going to work for Wordle. 

Depth did however. Tiles are green, Wordle wasn’t that mean.

Wordle 350: Froth Was The Answer

Wordle 350’s answer was Froth. Not Broth as B doesn’t really make an appearance in Wordle very often. So, why did I pick Broth before Froth? Probably because I’d picked Troop prior. Because P shows up so often in Wordle. I guess I just had my heart set on being as ineffective as I possibly could.

Admittedly, striking out with Adieu kind of sets the mood to ineffective. Though Roast did score me three yellow letters: R, O, and T. The rest is history and covered in the first paragraph. 

A five guesser. The sting only made worse as I write this hours later and a friend shares their two guess victory. 

Oh well.

Wordle 349: The Answer Was Phase

Darn you Wordle 349! Wordle: The Word Game of Chance is how Wordle would have been packaged up if one of those 80’s board game companies had made it, well, in the 80’s. If my hands hadn’t been typing so briskly, I’m certain my palms would have begun to sweat. That’s how chancy this particular Wordle was.

I was given a fair amount of support with Adieu and by the time all the letters in Stare had flipped S was yellow while A and E were green. With a yellow S in the first spot, it became quite obvious it that the S actually belonged in the fourth spot. 

I remember hearing Tase in my head. Which of course doesn’t work as it is four letters. However, I was drawn to the zed sound that was being made. I thought Phase would be a good choice, but I knew that there were other choices. However, I ignored that and typed in Chase because C has a much better track record for being used. Is that actually good or bad in Wordle? Who knows!

In this case it was bad. Everything had gone green except the C. Immediately after, Phase was typed and return had been hit. I watched on as the P flipped and landed green. I felt relieved with my fourth guess, even though I could have gotten it in three if I’d chosen right. Wordle, it’s the word game of chance!

Wordle 348: The Answer Was Showy

Wordle 348’s answer was Showy. Which really was not all that showy. In fact, it was down right lips puckering frustrating. Because any reader will suspect that I had my suspicions around semi-vowels. Especially after Adieu struck out. However, the main reason is that I wasn’t expecting Y to be added to the end in such a way. Though it has happened in the past, it’s rare.

Worst was my second guess and it was a decent one with W, O, and S going yellow. Scowl was my next guess that I chose and typed it like some sort of wordslinger. Though I did double check it after the boneheaded move filled mess that was Wordle 347.

All that was once yellow turned green! Meaning that H was likely the second letter and therefore N was likely the last. Shown all went green, except for the last letter. What? I scanned over the available letters. Quickly traveling over Y as Wordle isn’t that kind of word puzzle. 

“Though Homer was once a choice.” I thought to myself about that Wordle that broke all the rules. While this wouldn’t even really be even a bending of said rules, it certainly isn’t that common. Wordle 313 had Zesty. Looking all the way back to Wordle 235, I can’t find another example. 

I was hesitant, but Showy was the only answer that made a little bit of sense. I went with it and won!

Wordle 347: Creak Was The Answer: I Need To Have Coffee First

Wordle 347 was nearly a Wordle X for me and it was all my fault. In Wordle 346 I made a bonehead move that turned out in my favor. It even made me wonder if bonehead moves can’t be all bad. Well, lemme tell you that line of thought is now gone. Bonehead moves are an either or, and they are always bad. Especially when you make two of them in a row. I really should have drank more coffee first.

Adieu and Stare left me with A, R, and E. Each one cloaked in yellow. I had over fifty percent of the letters in the puzzle uncovered it. I was killing it and Ready for a win.

What? That word is in italics, did that really happen. Yes, it did Wordlers, yes it did. A in the same place and a D, double eliminated. You would think that I would Learn, but I did not. With the A being triplicated in the same spot that it wasn’t, along with the E.

Freak came after a soul searching and calming moment. I truly double-checked and had a good think. I have to admit there was a little bit of self-deprecation in that guess. Everything but the F went green. 

I was back on track! The Wordle had to be Creak. Oh wait, Break or Wreak also work. Final guess and it was all chance. I ignored my semi-vowel paranoia and pondered the likelihood that B – a letter that rarely appears – would be in this Wordle. With Creak everything went green.

Never again.

But probably some time next week. 

Wordle 346: Manor Was The Answer

Wordle 346. Let’s just come right out and say it. I made a boneheaded move. I’d averted one such mistake already. Double checked all the letters, ensuring I was repeating the yellow letters where they were already known to be yellow. A minute went by, I changed the word and missed my mistake. Boneheaded moves take it out of me. I feel like I’ve completely wasted a guess. Even more so than when I use X in my word.

At least I’d cared for Adieu and Roast. Which had left me with a R, O, and A all in yellow. My first exercise was to move the aforementioned letters to the second, third, and fourth tiles respectively. That didn’t pan out. Letter’s that made sense had been eliminated. That’s when I went with Moral, making my boneheaded mistake. 

Though it did give me a green M, I could shake the embarrassment and the feeling that I’d wasted a guess. I just wanted Wordle 346 to be over with. Major was my next guess. I reckon I can spare a nod at my boneheaded guess to also recognize that it gave me a new direction for my guesses. Everything went green except the J. It was a quick guess and switch to Manor. That did go all green.

Maybe boneheaded moves aren’t all bad. Some are for sure. Like the ones that don’t give you a dang thing except the mocking voice in the back of your head. This one wasn’t all bad. A green letter along with a different and, more importantly, correct inspiration for my guess were results of my mistake. Oh, Wordle. Not only do you teach us new words, you teach us about ourselves.

Wordle 345: Atoll Was The Answer

Wordle 345 was a bit of an annoying one. I could feel it instantly as that A went green. Adieu is great for sorting out the vowels. Though sometimes it feels like I’ve painted myself into a corner. 

Which is why I quite easily went with Annoy. Even after a few moments of thinking on it, there was no other word I wanted to type. This was also somewhat due to my paranoia around semi-vowels. With the lack of vowels indicated by Adieu, that meant that O, W, or Y had to be in the Wordle. Either that, or the dreaded double letters. 

As expected, Annoy came back with nothing. Abort was my next choice. Honestly, perhaps my subconscious is suggesting that I take a break from Wordle. To which I say, “It has no idea what it’s talking about.” At least the T turned yellow.

I was a bit stumped on the fourth guess and eventually settled on Atoms. Even though I knew that pluralizing is something that the Wordle isn’t into. Like I said, I was stumped and I remained stumped as the T went green.

No other words were realized as I looked at the remaining consonants and that silly W. Then I tried running with double letters. I was not surprised, but thrilled when Atoll went green.

Wordle 344: Bayou Was The Answer

Wordle 344 knew I’m a creature of habit. It saw me and understood me. I like wake up, drink some coffee, complete a Wordle and then bang out a blog post. Honestly, I enjoy playing Wordle and writing down a quick chronicling. Though somedays are busier than others. Today is one of those days. I really wanted a quick win, so I could get to the writing part. Which is the part that I enjoy the most. With a three guess Wordle in just a couple of minutes, it was exactly the kind of Wordle action I needed today.

Though it didn’t seem like it was going to be at first. I stood pouring coffee into a cup and looking at the results of my opening guess. The A and the U in the Adieu sat in a line of gray. Each one was  robed in yellow and green respectivly.

A word that ended with U was quite concerning and stupefying. It made me think that this was going to be a word adopted from another language. Adopted, not adapted. Meaning that its letters and pronunciation both stayed intact.  There was also genuine concern around semi-vowels. I figured a word like Wagyu rebelliously checked all the boxes. Though I didn’t feel like it was the Wordle.

It wasn’t, but it did return a Y in that golden hue. I tried starting the word with Ya while filling out the unknown spaces with Q’s. None of that actually triggered any words. So I moved the Y to the right of the A. Bayou was the first word that came to mind. Everything went green and it was another drop in the bucket.

Wordle 343: The Answer Was Crept

Oh, Wordle 343. I wanted to like you. That isn’t how it really turned out though is it? You were a bit weird. I was a bit stuck in my thinking for a bit. We’re just not on the same frequency and shouldn’t probably won’t hang out in the future. Not that I’m hanging out with any Wordles. I’ve got far too many cats for that. 

In all actuality, I used five more guesses than I have cats to solve this Wordle. The first three came in fairly quick succession. Adieu, Stove, and Terry. Left me with E,R, and T all in yellow. Though my paranoia for Y and V had be satiated. Yet, there was still an concerning lack of vowels that indicated that W could be hiding in there somewhere. 

I spent the next few minutes tryping. Trying to hammer a square W into a round Wordle hole. That path turned out to be fruitless. I went to words that started with R. Also non-fruit bearing. What if it was a word that I didn’t know? My tryping went from measured to a flurry as I tried to find the proceeding letter to the last four being rent. When I hit return on Prent I was a little surprised that the P went yellow while everything but the N went green. 

At least I knew that the second to last letter was P. So invested in my previous line of thinking, I could feel the gears of my brain grind a bit. “How could P be the second to last letter?” Or some such nonsense vocalized aloud to the dog. Which is actually one of the two dogs that live at my place. 

That moment was enough for the grinding to stop and my mind to refresh. Obviously the Wordle was Crept. It’s not every Wordle where the solution aligns with how the solution came to mind. That’s creepy and just one more reason why we can’t hang out Wordle 343. You’re off putting. To the point that Crispin Glover would be cast to play you in the movie. 

Sometimes Wordle Is Ruined By People Like Me

Sometimes Wordle is ruined by people like me. Though for the sake of those people, I hope they are not too much like me. Finding any sort of value in writing about Wordle is certainly one of those pursuits that will be seen as sad or boring. Drawing criticism and jeering from the meatfisted Chuck Tudsley’s that enjoy the more commercial and prominent things in life. The kind of people that say or think they have something better to do. When they actually, really, probably, do not.

Writing about Wordle is a tricky and cruel mistress. As a courtesy, I give a few days between puzzle and post. Letting all timezones resolve and giving time travelers a grace period. Though typically, I have the post written by the end of the same day. Oh the trendy SEO wave I could ride by posting the same day. Yet, I would be spoiling it for fellow players. Releasing the solution into the wilds of social media. Floating around where followers and non-followers alike could see it. 

That is except for today. A day that while thinking of a brand new post entitled, “There Isn’t Enough Coffee.” I proved that title deftly accurate. There simply wasn’t enough coffee as I set the time, but not the date. Immediately hitting the publish button. Realizing in the next blink what I’d done. Hearing my phone chime that I’d posted something six hours old, two seconds ago. 

Immediately I leapt into action like some sort of WordPressian acrobat. Deleting the post. Then chasing it through my social feeds and deleting those posts. Hoping that no one who plays will see the answer sitting in big bold letters.


Wordle 342: Tiara Was The Answer

Wordle 342 was the Wordle extent of the wind beneath my wings that I needed. I mean, it would have been even better if it were Adieu. That way I would have finally gotten a one guesser. Instead, the answer was Tiara on my third guess. Regardless, this was the best Wordle in awhile. Mostly because I stayed in line and didn’t try to use X.

I had a yellow A and I from Adieu. That I immediately tossed into Stair. After a quick double check for letter placement and a cooling off period to make sure I was certain, I hit return. The A went green. Everything else, but the S went or stayed yellow. 

This Wordle was moving along at a decent clip and I really didn’t want to screw it up. I did a bit of  tryping. For a moment I figured that Trait could be the Wordle, but then I saw the overlapped I’s. That’s when I put the I before the A. Followed by the quick fruition of Tiara

Could there really be two double letter Wordle’s in a row? Was I just doing this to watch the world  burn Wordle style? I hit enter and as the first two letters when green, my victorious smile grew.

Wordle 341: The Answer Was Asset

Wordle 341, I know that I’ve used Asset before as a guess. Why it didn’t come to me before a word like Annex, I can’t be sure. Some people just want to watch world burn. Others want to use X in a Wordle guess. 

Having been started off with a green A and E, Adieu had left me in a fairly decent place. Which gave me the space to type in Annex with nary a carry in the world. Nor a second thought. It was like I’d spent my entire Wordle carrier pining to hit return on Annex. Boom! It was in and my smirk was gone.

A gave the third guess about an hour. Got ready for work and took the dogs out. It was as I was feeding them the I decided that Alter would be a good next guess. At least I go a yellow T

The fourth guess came an indiscriminate amount of time after that. I honestly can’t recall how long it took, but it was certainly a bit. I’d do some tryping. Letting the T sit for a spell. It was when I went back to the double letters of Annex and changed the X to a T that I saw the solution.


Wordle 340: Vouch Was The Answer

Wordle 340 went better than other Wordles have lately. Though I should have been able to get it in three guesses. For some reason my paranoia wasn’t in check and didn’t get the best of me. Allowing me to pick some other and cost me a guess. 

I almost began to panic after Adieu had given me a yellow U. I’d typed it in out of habit, not returning to the thought if I want to change it. Well, it was what it was. 

I almost went with Hours, but did Tours instead. Too bad. That H may have helped me out, but that isn’t the letter I’m referring to. 

That would be the P I put in Pouch. If only I would have given into my paranoia that could have been my final guess. I’d even thought of Vouch, but shooed the idea away. Oh well.

Wordle 339: The Answer Was Album

Wordle 339 once again makes me question my use of the word Adieu. Which is a word that I’ve used ever since I started playing, minus the first few Wordles. However, only having vowels to work with leads me to frustration and despair.

Having a green A and a yellow U, as well as a healthy paranoia for semi-vowels, I went with Aunty as my second choice. Nothing new was awarded.

My third choice took a good long while to get. Eventually, I typed in Alums. Which I was sure wouldn’t be the Wordle as Wordle isn’t into pluralization. At least I got a green L and a yellow M. 

Algum was my next choice. Which was a weird choice in hindsight. Why I didn’t choose Album, a much more known word, I do not know. It just wasn’t in my head. I’d put this Wordle on some sort of pedestal. After having everything go green except the G, I still had to wait a second before Album came to mind.

Wordle 338: The Answer Was Hinge: I Wasn’t Feeling It

I totally wasn’t feeling Wordle 338 when I started playing it. I certainly didn’t feel like it once I’d made a bonehead move. That’s when I realized I was trying to force it. Finish it, so I can write this as early possible. To that end, I began writing this live. Knowing that this is going to take me awhile to finish.

Adieu. Perhaps it is time to retire you. Though I know they day I do, you will finally be the Wordle. Knowing which vowels can be played is empowering and sometimes debilitating. As then I have to figure out which consonants are in a word. 

Which is difficult to do with boneheaded moves like Crime. Where I take the yellow I and E from Adieu and only change placement of the E. Which went green so that was good. 

Wanting to not make another boneheaded move but still wanting to be ineffective in my guesses, I doubled down on B in Bible. A letter that hardly ever appears in Wordle. 

Almost twelves hours passed before I hit return on Piste and got nothing. Except an immediate trip to google to find the definition. “The More You Know!”

After another few minutes of fevered tryping. About to give up, yet cannot allow myself to do so. I finally type in Qinge. Which looks like a word. I do a quick look. It isn’t Singe or Binge. Must be, Hinge.

Wordle 337: Money Was The Answer

With Wordle 337 as with life, regardless of what rich people tell you, Money was the answer. No, I didn’t pay some college student to play it for me. Money was literally the answer. 

After the E went green in Adieu I said, “I’m going to hate this one.” Which probably didn’t help my frame of mind on the second guess. Which took longer than it was worth. Strep did nothing more than eliminate every single letter that already wasn’t green. 

Next, I tried Coven. Because V’s are a letter that hang around Wordle a lot more than it should. The O went green and the N went yellow. 

Finally after just a moment’s hesitation, I gave into my semi-vowel paranoia let Money into my heart while hitting enter. Everything went green!