Wordle 339: The Answer Was Album

Wordle 339 once again makes me question my use of the word Adieu. Which is a word that I’ve used ever since I started playing, minus the first few Wordles. However, only having vowels to work with leads me to frustration and despair.

Having a green A and a yellow U, as well as a healthy paranoia for semi-vowels, I went with Aunty as my second choice. Nothing new was awarded.

My third choice took a good long while to get. Eventually, I typed in Alums. Which I was sure wouldn’t be the Wordle as Wordle isn’t into pluralization. At least I got a green L and a yellow M. 

Algum was my next choice. Which was a weird choice in hindsight. Why I didn’t choose Album, a much more known word, I do not know. It just wasn’t in my head. I’d put this Wordle on some sort of pedestal. After having everything go green except the G, I still had to wait a second before Album came to mind.


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