Wordle 338: The Answer Was Hinge: I Wasn’t Feeling It

I totally wasn’t feeling Wordle 338 when I started playing it. I certainly didn’t feel like it once I’d made a bonehead move. That’s when I realized I was trying to force it. Finish it, so I can write this as early possible. To that end, I began writing this live. Knowing that this is going to take me awhile to finish.

Adieu. Perhaps it is time to retire you. Though I know they day I do, you will finally be the Wordle. Knowing which vowels can be played is empowering and sometimes debilitating. As then I have to figure out which consonants are in a word. 

Which is difficult to do with boneheaded moves like Crime. Where I take the yellow I and E from Adieu and only change placement of the E. Which went green so that was good. 

Wanting to not make another boneheaded move but still wanting to be ineffective in my guesses, I doubled down on B in Bible. A letter that hardly ever appears in Wordle. 

Almost twelves hours passed before I hit return on Piste and got nothing. Except an immediate trip to google to find the definition. “The More You Know!”

After another few minutes of fevered tryping. About to give up, yet cannot allow myself to do so. I finally type in Qinge. Which looks like a word. I do a quick look. It isn’t Singe or Binge. Must be, Hinge.


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