Wordle 340: Vouch Was The Answer

Wordle 340 went better than other Wordles have lately. Though I should have been able to get it in three guesses. For some reason my paranoia wasn’t in check and didn’t get the best of me. Allowing me to pick some other and cost me a guess. 

I almost began to panic after Adieu had given me a yellow U. I’d typed it in out of habit, not returning to the thought if I want to change it. Well, it was what it was. 

I almost went with Hours, but did Tours instead. Too bad. That H may have helped me out, but that isn’t the letter I’m referring to. 

That would be the P I put in Pouch. If only I would have given into my paranoia that could have been my final guess. I’d even thought of Vouch, but shooed the idea away. Oh well.


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