Wordle 359: Donor Was The Answer

Wordle 359 made me admit that maybe I’m stretching Wordle out for hours because I’m getting a little bored of Wordle. I don’t get the rush anymore. I used to see that timer ticking down, letting me know how much longer I’d have to wait for a puzzle. That would anticipation would lead some form of excitement.

That was never more apparent than my second guess. After twelve hours of not knowing what word to use, or having time for a second guess I typed in Doggy. Oh, I knew it was a dumb idea, but I was having a lack of imagination or want to figure out what to do with that silly yellow D I’d been given by Adieu.

For a stupid guess, Doggy did give me a green D and  O. Honestly not all that helpful, but good none the less. Next up was the arguably just as ineffective Dooms at least I now know that there was another O lurking.

That’s when I started tryping like crazy for a few minutes, Donor became an obvious non-self destructieve choice.


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