Writing Is Hard

Writing is hard. Pretty much everyone reading this is a writer and doesn’t need to be told that. It’s no secret, nor is it difficult to figure out on one’s own. Stories and thoughts are milling about inside each and every one of us. Only a subset are worth manifesting into some physical or shareable form and an even smaller subset of those will actually come to fruition. 

Not only is finding the time difficult. Aligning that time with the energy, mindset, and need to write can be a challenge. I try to set aside time each and everyday, usually in the morning to write. More often than not, the time is there and available. All I have to do is seize it. Which I do more often than not. 

However after so many days for seizing that writing time and looking at the results or gains, it can be difficult to want to continue this – dare I say – enterprise. To which, even though it can sound a little disheartened at times, I respond with, “Yes.”


“I do not rightly know. The simple idea of pointing at a work and saying that’s mine. Bring some manner of escapist joy to one’s life. Perhaps even inspiring others in some form. If nothing else, it’s a fairly inexpensive way to pass the time.”

Well, there it is. Plenty of meat to pick on that bone. After a sesh of picking, it turns out that the I write because I’m cheap. Writing apps are inexpensive. Especially when you don’t subscribe annually to those kind of writing apps. A website, also inexpensive. Oh, they can be expensive, but they can also be free. Guess which one I have? Actually my site isn’t free, but I did get a good deal from WordPress. 

How do you feel about writing? What keeps you going?