Word We Go Wrong? – Reminisced

Reminisced – Past tense of reminisce which means to go over one’s memory. 

Which is pretty Inceptiony. To go over one’s memory of going over one’s memory. Entering triple deep territory when one reminisces about the time they reminisced. This word gave me issue one recent morning. The sun was shining and birds were chirping, or so I assume the windows and blinds were closed. 

Not only did “reminisced” give me an issue, it also gave all the spelling tools at Scrivener’s disposal an issue. I couldn’t even fathom how to spell reminisced correctly. I’d hoped for predictive spelling to figure it out, but that was a no go. So I threw enough letters at it to get close. Hoping that spellcheck would fix it in post. In this case, I was very close and spellcheck did not help at all. 

“Reminiced” wasn’t enough. Spellcheck recognized that it was wrongly spelled. However, spellcheck was certain that if I hyphenated “Reminiced” in one of two ways I’d be in good shape. It was only missing an “S” and so close that it’s difficult to understand why spellcheck did what it did, but it did. Oh well, thanks thesaurus.com for the help.