Wordle 336: The Answer Was Scrap

Wordle 336 continued the more guesses than I want trend, but was at least a move to trend upward from Wordle 335. I have to say that I tried my level best to not use many guesses. However after a boneheaded move, I lost my resolve and just started guessing quickly.

Before that though, I started with Adieu and then tried Roast. By the end I had A, R, and S all in yellow. I did a lot of tryping. Yet, I remained uninspired and stumped.

I went for a walk around my living room. Looked out the window. Walked back and typed in Marsh knowing full well that the S didn’t go there. That is why I hadn’t typed in Marsh before. At least the R turned green, but I’d missed a chance on the S. 

After that embarrassment, my next two guess happened quick. Spray made the S and the A join R in greensville and hinted the a P was down on the end. Which I quickly tryped and realized that only Scrap would work.


Wordle 335: The Answer Was Gamer

Wordle 335 was nearly another Wordle X thanks to word Gamer and my paranoia of semi-vowels. Which resurfaced to the nth degree after its absence was noted yesterday. 

I was immediately in a position that I didn’t care for. Adieu gave me a yellow A and a green E. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? For some reason I have a propensity of trying to put AE together first. Which is silly. 

Once that phase was out of the way, I inputed Valet. Basically giving top billing to semi-vowels. Which at least solidified the A’s location. 

Wafer seemed like another off beat choice. Perfect for a tricky Wordle.  One semi-vowel was off the list and I got a green R. Next, I fast tracked Sayer. No semi-vowels! No dice! 

After exhausting the semi-vowel options, it was time to get nerdy with the words choices. Maker seemed like it would have been a nice little shout out to the can do community of the same name. However, Wordle wasn’t into be being hip and giving nods to those plucky folks. Instead, Wordle was in the mood that can be described as “Hello fellow kids!” Gamer. 

Wordle 334: Glass Was The Answer: I Barely Saw It

Wordle 334 had me genuinely concerned for the first time in awhile. Coming off a two guesser, I was sure I couldn’t do that twice in a row. However, that didn’t stop me from having a bit of a swagger as I typed in the first couple of words.

I got a yellow A from Adieu and put that in Roast right after. Where the A turned green and brought along S as a green buddy. 

Thus began the downward spiral. Cough. My downwordle spiral. [Sunglasses]

Clash gave me a green L and wiped the confident smirk off my face. I had to be on the right track! So, I went with Flask. Nothing good came of that choice.

I had quickly chewed through a bunch of letters. After a brief moment of entertaining Blast before recognizing I couldn’t do that, I realized I hadn’t been paranoid this puzzle. I hadn’t been concerned with semi-vowels or, double letters. [Sunglasses off]

There was no other word I could think of other than Glass. It was finally over with. 

Wordle 333: The Answer Was Scour

Wordle 333 was the Wordle that broke the run of the four guesses. For the previous five days I’d used four guess to solve each Wordle. With Wordle 333, I used to. Which is an amazing feeling and a problem I like to have. At the same time, I was a little sad to see my streak go. 

Adieu started me out with a yellow U, that I some how MacGyvered into Scour immediately after. First, I wanted a word that had O. Next, I thought my fave letters S, T, and R. Then, I thought about those second line letterslike C. Finally, I put it all together and soon after my mouth was agape with joy as each letter turned green. 

If my life were being filmed I would have looked directly into the camera.

Wordle 332: Being Was The Answer

With Wordle 332 the four guess streak moved into day five. It’s not like I’m doing this on purpose. On guesses two and three, I’m taking my time and hoping that I get right. I’m not necessarily complaining. I prefer this to being stuck in a streak of five or six guesses. 

Adieu opened the board with a green I and a yellow E. Totally a good start and one that left me scratching my head as to what my next guess could be for a moment.

Eventually, I decided on Spire. I felt unsatisfied with getting P out there so quickly, but I was trying to move the game along. Also, at this point there are no safe or sacred letters in Wordle. Each and every single one is fair game. 

While nothing obviously good came from Spire at least I knew what wasn’t in the word and had one more place where the E couldn’t go. I really wanted to type Weird, not for the first time in the last few days. However, I knew it was impossible, so instead I went with Weigh. Finally the E went green! As well as giving me a yellow G

After a few more moments of tryping and telling myself that it definitely couldn’t be Weird, I finally got the answer. It wasn’t the semi-vowels that I needed to be concerned with. In fact, statistically speaking – not that I have this statistic on hand – semi-vowels are often more present than the letter of which I was concerned. Even individually. That letter of course is B. After putting the G and the end, Being seemed like the perfect word. Furthermore, I’d never seemed to have guessed it before. Winner!

Wordle 331: Delve Was The Answer

Wordle 331 shows that I can be consistent when I want to be, or get lucky enough. Four days in a row of hitting Wordle in four guesses. Is it something of which to be proud? Strictly speaking in the world of Wordle, yes. With Wordle one has to know words, but one also has to be lucky. This isn’t some crossword puzzle the relies solely one’s vocabulary and ability to answer briefly written trivia questions.

Adieu opened the game with a yellow D and E. Which I tossed into Trode immediately. At least the E went green. This also made me slow my roll a bit. Only one accepted vowel means double letters or semi-vowels. 

After a bit of tryping I settled on Hedge. Briefly ignoring the sense for intuiting semi-vowels. At least the E went green. Also, I knew that the D belonged at the first of the sentence. 

It was a quick jump to Delve after that. Done.

Wordle 329: The Answer Was Metal

Wordle 329 played a heck of a lot faster than Wordle 328 did. One of those Wordles that makes me wish there were timed mode. Alas there isn’t. No matter how many times my paranoia of semi-vowels gives way to the delusional paranoia that some one at The Times is actually reading my blog and being a cheeky foil. Well, someday.

Adieu let me out of the gate with a yellow A and E. As usual after that result, I went with Stare next. That added a yellow T to my repotoire of letters. 

So, I tried Pleat. The P remained gray while the A went green. Everything else was yellow. Pleat had been a good word to choose due to it being an anagram for Petal. Which I knew the answer couldn’t be as P was gray. 

However, it could be Metal. It was!

Wordle 328: The Answer Was Tipsy

I took an incredibly long time with Wordle 328. I typed in Adieu first thing in the morning. It wasn’t until over twelve hours later that I played Stoic. Hey, I was on vacation.

I remember when the word Misty appeared in my head. Sitting in that hot tub with my eyes closed, just trying to think of words that would work well. Right after Misty, came Stoic. Which was what I decided to go with first when the came. Either way, I got S and T in yellow. Though Misty did get a green Y and turned the I green as well.

A new game plan was needed. Something that would shake up my Wordle guesses. I needed to really rearrange the S and the T. Admitting that there were not traveling near one another. Tipsy sounded like a good idea. It was.

Wordle 330: Yield Was The Answer

Wordle 330 was the third day in a row for solving a Wordle in four guesses. Though my duckface that I displayed while typing in my fourth guess clearly stated that it should have been three. I’d gotten thrown off my game a bit on the second guess. Then I simply quit caring about semi-vowels. 

In a darkened hotel room I typed Adieu and hit return. I was thrilled to get yellow letters for D, I, and E. What a great way to start out.

I really took my time on the second guess. Trying several different avenues and arranging the letters that I already knew. Apparently, I took too long though. I didn’t double check as I hit return on Chide. What a bone headed move!

Shaken by my mistake, I typed in Field without much of a second thought. Other than making sure I was retreading the locations of letters. Everything went green except the F

I hadn’t even considered semi-vowels for some reason. Yet, here was a word that could start with two of them. I got lucky when I went with Yield.

Wordle 327: The Answer Was Slung Or So I Hear: Another Wordle X

Wordle 327 marks my third Wordle X’ing. Which honestly didn’t sting as much as I thought it would. Maybe I’m getting used to it. Perhaps I don’t care now that the perfect score is gone. Sure, I could delete my browser cookies and such. I’d know that I failed. So, it’s 97% for me now. 

Adieu gave me a yellow U right off the hop. A decent enough start over all. However, I needed some more strong letters. Therefore, I tried Clout for the first time and got a green L

Pretty good so far I have to admit. However, I was about to sabotage myself by guessing far too many double letters. Like the B’s in Blurb and the F’s in Sluff. A word I had to type twice because autocorrect doesn’t think it’s a word. Well, Wordle did. Surprisingly. At least I knew where the U was and got a green S.

Fresh off that pile of nope, I came back to the real world. Trying Slump. Which did nothing. Even though in the history of Wordle, at least as far as I recall, there hasn’t been a plural word. That didn’t stop me. I had to use double letters. Slugs. The yellow G wasn’t enough. 

Wordle 326: The Answer Was Farce

Wordle 326’s answer was Farce though the Wordle itself was anything but. This had to be one of the best balanced Wordles that I’d played a good long while. By the end I’d felt like the proper amount of challenge, time, and guesses were all in alignment with each other. Though I guess some of that is on me choosing words without so many X’s and Z’s in them.

To that end, we all know where it started! Adieu set me off on the path of another Wordle adventure with A and E in that mustardy hue.

Stare seemed like the next logical choice. Which added a yellow R and turned the E green. Certainly not a bad place to be in.

Now, I wasn’t feeling so paranoid about the semi-vowels like I usually do. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe they aren’t lurking around that puzzle any longer. It certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t try Carve. An excellent choice that turned all previous yellow letters green added a yellow C. 

Knowing full well where the C went, that left only having to figure out the first letter. Farce came to fruition pretty quick. After a brief double check of other possibilities, I committed. 

Wordle 325: Gecko Was The Answer

Wordle 325’s answer was Gecko and I figured it out in four guesses. Which for whatever reason, felt like quite a relief. Probably because that last few days have been near Wordle X or took forever. That being said Wordle 325 wasn’t super fast either, but it was preferably quicker.

Adieu started me out with a yellow E that I promptly placed in Store. Which in turn added a yellow O. What was I supposed to do with E and O? I tried a lot of things. Like a lot a lot. 

Then I settled on Lemon and at least the E turned green. There was very distinct feeling that the O didn’t go on the beginning. Some of that was due to the a lot a lot of things I’d already tried. 

Which meant that O had to belong at the end. Once I saw that C and K hadn’t been used, it was a short step to Gecko.  

Wordle 324: Shine Was The Answer

Wordle 324 was better that Wordle 323 though its results would disagree. At least it wasn’t a Wordle X. Which with some of my guesses, I deserve nothing less than. Behold!

Adieu! You know it! I know it! I got a green I and a yellow E. 

So, what has strong letters, addresses the E, and has cheek? Well, Exist of course! What? I know! I got a yellow S.

Same inquisitive criteria as the last one, but with an S in the mix. Seize! S, E, and I all went green, but not in that order.

I’m really obsessed with semi-vowels and cheekiness and tried Swine. I received a green N. Then had to tell myself that Svine and Syine are not words. However, Spine is and it wasn’t what Wordle wanted.

Now, I really tightened up. Went through all the letters several times. Even after Shine was an obvious choice. Once I was certain it was the answer I typed it in and hit enter. 


Wordle 323: The Answer Was Canny

Wordle 323 was annoying. In fact, I’m getting the feeling that there is a Sunday Wordle like there is a Sunday crossword puzzle. Sometimes there’s just a little too much to do than to put my feet up on ponder a Wordle. 

Adieu helped along with getting going by giving me a yellow A. Which I tossed into Roast where it stayed yellow. I had the distinct feeling that semi-vowels or double letters were hanging around.

To be perfectly honest here, I do not remember what the next word was. It was Mother’s Day and I was busy. I’ve waited all day to remember it and that’s not going to happen. All I do know is that it started with Ca as my squares went green. Then I remember being distinctly stumped once more.

So I typed Cacky. After which I hit enter due to my frustration. I was stunned to see the letters start flipping. Turns our it’s British slang. I had no idea. Thanks for nothing Dr. Who!

Then it was so obvious, but not that obvious. Both double letters and semi-vowels had to be in the puzzle. I type in Canny and totally agreed.

Wordle 322: The Answer Was Midst

Wordle 322 took me longer than it should have. Especially with my propensity for playing S and T as soon as possible. Which I didn’t in this case. Mostly because I kept putting them at the front of the words. Also, Wordle’s cheekiness undermines my better judgement.

Adieu started me out strong with a yellow D and I. Which I turned green the next moment with Widow. Which gave me nothing else.

I was stumped. Tryping wasn’t helping. Surely there was a double letter or semi-vowel hiding somewhere, right? Giddy? Nothing.

Well, I will try for another double letter with Midis. Which I was shocked that it even was accepted as a word. Now that I’m looking at google I’m even more surprised. Maybe Midis was accepted as a pluralized slang term for a mid-length skirt? Which appeared briefly in the google predictive selection before trying to sell me audio tool or get my muffler fixed. I need neither.

I did get a yellow S and, more importantly, a green M. Now all I had to do was figure the last letter. Which I did with a grimace, realizing the irony, knowing that I’ve been ruined by the cheekiness of Wordle.

Wordle 320: The Answer Was Homer: None of Us Are Safe

Wordle 320, I have a bone to pick with you. It isn’t that you required five guesses. Nor is it that you didn’t you semi-vowels though you gave several indicators. That’s one me. My issue with Wordle 320 is that the Wordle isn’t a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Instead it’s either a proper noun or, more likely intended, colloquial slang. That’s it! Game over! Tables should be flipped. Nothing is sacred. Wordle will not be the same.

It should be well known how I started this puppy. Adieu is my go to word and it gave me a green E. I got cagey. Really thinking. I even went back and checked past answers for Foyer which was sixteen Wordles ago. 

Eventually, I went with Lover everything except the L and the V went green. I went with Goner next, even though it wasn’t my first choice. Followed by Mower which had been. That M turned yellow.

Now, at some point in time earlier in this Wordle, the word Homer had crossed my mind. Around the time that Mower had. Mower had smelled of weathered metal, cut grass, and sweat which is not what The Times smells like. Homer on the other hand was either a proper noun or slang. Neither of which, to the best of my recollection, have made an appearance before. 

Today is Wordle’s 2020. 

Wordle 319: Train Was The Answer

Wordle 319 would have been one of those kinds of Wordles that make me want to roll my eyes except for one key factor, I did it quickly. Which is a consolation when the puzzle is kind of dumb and more luck that anything.

Adieu started me out with two yellow letters, A and I. Naturally, I went with Stair next and turned the yellow letters green while adding T and R as two new yellow letters. 

What happened next was a little my fault. It was clear that semi-vowels weren’t in this Wordle, but I figured that there would some amount of cheekiness from this Wordle. Cheekiness includes double letters. That’s why I went with Trait. Everything went green except for that final T. Yeah, I should have picked something else. Obviously.

However, it was a bit of a crap shoot at this time. I just started guessing and hoping for the best. Trail. Nope. I started feeling nervous. Train was a good choice, but I was worried that there was some word I didn’t know lurking. I closed my eyes and hit return. Train made it all go green. 

Five guesses, but a quick five guesses.

Wordle 318: The Answer Was Hairy: Checks Notes. Yes, Hairy.

Wordle 318 was stupid. I woke up late and didn’t play Wordle until well into the afternoon. Not that I’m blaming that. Wordle 318 was stupid whatever time of day it was. I mean, Adieu did a great job of giving me a green I and a yellow A. However, it wouldn’t be enough.

My second guess was Rails and to my best recollection, this is the first appearance of Rails. Seemed decent, and it was. As the A went green and the R went yellow.

At this point, I thought Hairy could be a choice. Surely one of the semi-vowels had to be kicking around. I immediately dismissed Hairy as it didn’t seem on brand. In hindsight, if Zesty could be a Wordle than so should Hairy. Even if Hairy does seem a little gross. Possibly. Depending on the context.

Instead of choosing Hairy, I chose Cairn which made that R go green. Hairy crossed my mind again, yet I refused to waste a guess on it. I went with Fairy instead. At least it gave me a green Y

I spend the next minute combing over unused letters. Attempting to put absolutely any letter in front of all the greens, other than H. Eventually, it was more than apparent that the only choice was Hairy. 


Wordle 317: Story Was The Answer

Wordle 317 was the kind of Wordle that I needed to have after Wordle 316. Which took way too many hours of my life and caused undue stress. With some degree of hesitation I hit refresh and started Wordle 317. Getting nothing from Adieu. I fully knowing that the semi-vowels were back.

Really, the semi-vowels haven’t gone anywhere in the last month. They are truly on the board now. That’s why my second guess was Worst. Imagine my stress and delight to see everything but the W go yellow. 

Immediately, I tried putting V in with those letters. Soon after finding that it was impossible. I moved on to the next half-vowel and was taken aback with how simple it was. Story went in and everything went green. It was fast enough to make me wish for a timed mode once more. 

Wordle 316: The Answer Was Forgo: Not Porno And Defintitly Not Zorro

Wordle 316 was another toughy, just like Wordle 315. I began writing this before I even knew what the answer was. In some sort of hope that this would conjure the solution from the ether. 

Adieu gave me nothing, but the most bleak out. Those dang semi-vowels were probably back! Which caused me to give Worst a try. It checked a lot of boxes except for V and Y. The W came back gray, but the O and R were in the right place. 

After about twenty minutes of tryping, I finally hit return on Morph. Totally convinced that I’d solved it and everything was going to go green. Such folly. As the M went gray, I thought that at least something would go green. It did not. 

Now, I’m ready for my fourth guess. Writing this hasn’t helped. Eventually, I tried Boron. Which didn’t seem on brand, but I needed to do something. It was also similar to Borox that I had though of at some point. At least I discovered that there was another O

After another thirty minutes passed I became so flustered that I finally pulled the trigger on Zorro. Anyone can guess how that turned out. Then I just started tryping and hitting enter. I was so tired of working on this puzzle. Eventually, Forgo was typed. I feel less smart now.

Wordle 315: Larva Was The Answer

Wordle 315 was a bit of a toughy. Not that kind of toughy that make me Wordle X or even get to six guesses, but the kind that makes me spend thirty minutes on one guess. After writing about how my numbers have gone and the increase in five guess Wordless, I’m committed to slowing anything beyond four.

As anyone could have predicted, I began with Adieu. In turn, I learned of a yellow A. I smelled semi-vowels, but there could also be double A’s or even an O. To that end I thought it best to go with Roast. With added a yellow R and kept the A yellow. That lack of O sure was perplexing though. I knew then that a semi-vowel or double letter had to be hiding in there somewhere. 

I also hadn’t figured out where the A or the R actually went. So, Carry seemed like a good choice. It was okay. At least it got rid of Y. It also eliminated R as the double letter. Which I have to admit I was already pretty sure it wasn’t. 

Larva took me a good long while to get. I tried starting words with W or V. When that didn’t pan out I tryped them all over the place. I had to tell myself that things like Farva and Baral were not words, but words adjacent. That didn’t mean I didn’t try. 

To make matters worse, a friend and fellow Wordle player, happened to send me her results. She’s smart and I know there is a lot of luck in Wordle, but to see her with six guesses freaked me out. I went into panic mode. Trying to resist the urge to start hitting enter on not the best guesses. Eventually, Farva became Larva.

Wordle 314: The Answer Was Trash

Wordle 314’s answer was Trash! Also, I Trashed that Wordle and got it in three guesses. Three guesses are certainly a reason to get excited. Felt like I used to get them all the time. In fact, I remember setting the goal of having more threes than fours. That was back in Wordle 274. Since then the four and five guessers have pulled way out in front. There used to be only six more four than three. Now there’s ten. 

Adieu let me know there was an A in the puzzle somewhere. Which gave me the feeling that those weird semi-vowels weren’t hanging around. I shouldn’t have had that feeling, but I did. 

Since it hadn’t been used in awhile, I went with Roast. A normal word with a bunch of common letters and it paid off. I turned the A green as well as getting a green S.  In addition, the R and the T were both yellow.

For my final guess – not that I knew it was my final guess at the time – I guessed Trashed. Oh, it took a few seconds to come up with. I simply chose to go with words that started with T. Nothing else was really came to mind as I sifted through the unused letters. When I saw the H, I hit return and watched all the letters go green.

Wordle 313: The Answer Was Zesty

Wordle 313 had the zesty answer of Zesty. Which took me five attempts to solve, because who in their right mind would use Z any sooner. 

Adieu gave me a yellow E. Which gave me the same feeling that I had during Wordle 312. Knowing that it was going to be those kinds of vowels, I tried Woven and received nothing for it. Though I’m vowing to find an even better word. Not gaining ground on the E isn’t good. That’s for another post. 

Well, now I knew that the Wordle was only one kind of those kind of vowels or the letter E was used repeatedly. I thought it best to cover the most ground I possibly could with Style. Getting the Y in there while doing something with the E. S, T, Y, and E went and or remained yellow. 

Admittedly, I was a little offput with the results. Having Y in the word and no E at the end just made me feel like I was on unsteady footing. Even with S and T in there! Tyers I figured was a good choice. It was also the first word that came to mind. And still everything was yellow with one gray letter.

I knew I had to change it up. I tried starting the word with Y and got some weird attempt at something inspired by yesterday that would never work. I thought about Yeast. Which is a weird sentence to write. Immediately, I realized it was as impossible as my yesterday abomination. 

There been a few mind experiments where I put Y on the end, but they were all colloquial slang words that I didn’t think Wordle would except. With eventual immediacy I discovered the Z and gave it a go. There was a little bit of fear, could have been adrenaline I suppose, swimming around as I hit enter. I was thinking if the Z goes green, I’m in. If not, I have one guess left and no idea what the Wordle could be. Surely, the Z went green.

Wordle 312: The Answer Was Shown: LIke, Literally Shown

Wordle 312 started out like pretty much all of my Wordles, with Adieu. Which was responded to with five gray letters. A totally bleak way to start a Wordle, but I appreciate the no nonsense approach. At least I knew where I stood. “So it’s those kinds of vowels, eh?” I said aloud.

Those kinds of vowels being O followed by all the weird fair-weather semi vowels like W and Y. Though I was fairly convinced there was a V hanging out. So convinced in fact that I sacrificed a letter that I already knew wasn’t in the puzzle in order to cover as much ground as possible with Woven. A green N and a yellow W and a yellow O were a fair trade. Also, it was nice to know the status of V.

Known was my next guess and it shored up the uncovered letters, changing them to green. Everyone is into fantasy now, so I figured maybe The Times was cashing in on that bit of zeitgeisty goodness. To that end my fourth guess was Crown. No change. 

I punched in Shown quickly there after and was gifted green. 

Wordle 311: The Answer Was Heist

Wordle 311 was a good one. Could have been better if I hadn’t chosen Exile as my second choice, but I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I felt quite strongly about Exile being the Wordle. Which would have left me in quite the mood had I not chosen it and it ended up being the answer. 

Adieu started out fairly well with a green I and a yellow E. Even though Exile wasn’t the answer, it did really narrow down where the E could go and that there was only one.

Chime was next, after a brief searching of these posts to see if it had been used once before. I’d only used it as a guess, it hadn’t been a Wordle. I’ve still only used it as a guess. I also knew for certain where the E belonged.

Heist really should have been my second choice. At first I’d been focused on E before I and honestly, it contains S and T which are the letters that I’m always trying to suss out first. Why I didn’t go with it, I was a little too focused on Weird and knew that couldn’t be the solution.  

Wordle 310: The Answer Was Askew

Wordle 310 had the solution of Askew. Really, the entire Wordle was Askew. Was it my waking later than usual and that I wasn’t fully awake? Maybe. I sure couldn’t come up with many words to begin with. 

Of course, Adieu, happened quick. It’s basically a reflex at this point. Aches however took me a little while. Though I did think it was a fairly solid choice given the fact that Adieu had given me a green A and E. Aches was a decent choice, adding a yellow S. 

Aspen was next and it turned that S green, but did nothing else. Now, I was thinking that was a double letter in there somewhere. Heck, I even thought there could be a triple S usage in Asses. However, I reviewed my previous choices and found that wasn’t possible. 

I went with Asset instead and got nothing for it. Well, nothing that wasn’t in grayscale. Finally, I chose Askew. Those pesky V and W are most certainly back.

Wordle 309: Inert Was The Answer

Wordle 309! I needed you to happen. It’s been a good long while since I felt like quite properly solved a Wordle. This one was quick and done in three, just like old times. 

Adieu started me off with a I and E both in yellow. Which was a fairly decent way to start. 

Tiers is a new addition that I’m going to continue to use in the future. It’s a great way to sort through the heavy hitters of consonants while dealing with E and I. In this case, the E went green and the T and R went yellow. 

After a minute or so of tryping, it became apparent that the word didn’t being with T or end with I. I also recalled a brief moment I’d had earlier where I thought the word could be Intern. Which it can’t due to length. Intern was my initial third guess word. Shortly after, I realized it was Inert. 

Wordle 308: Olive Was The Answer

Wordle 308’s answer was Olive and it was the second time this week that the Wordle began with an O. In order to figure that though I had to burn through a lot of useless guesses.

Adieu wasn’t useless and though I’m a little bored with it, I’m not changing Adieu anytime soon. Next was Swine. I figured a W or V had to be lurking. I was right and wrong at the same time.

Chime seemed like the next obvie choice. It wasn’t. Tripe didn’t seem on brand, but was there to fish out some letters. It did it’s job by letting me know those letters were out.

Two guesses left and stuff was getting real. I was also running out of letters. That’s when I changed tactics. Starting words with E didn’t work, but it did get me to think about O followed be realizing the V was still available.

Wordle 307: The Answer Was Plant

Wordle 307 was a much need break in nearly Wordle X’ing. It was nice not feeling my heart rate quicken as I role into my fifth guess with far more possible choices than two.

Adieu and Roast got me to the point of having A and T in the hue of green. With a lot of letters out of the running, I figured Chant would be a good choice. 

I also thought Chant may have already been an answer. If I only would have checked my chronicling I would have confirmed that feeling was correct and more of a fact than intuition. If I have that feeling again, I will be sure to refer to previous posts. 

Which would have made me choose Plant one guess sooner. Oh well.

Wordle 306: Oxide, Oxide, Oxide

Wordle 306’s answer was Oxide and, oh my goodness, did it take me awhile to figure it out. Once again, to whoever is choosing the words over at The Times, kudos.

Adieu I know I said I was getting a little bored, but I can’t stop using you. Not until you’re a solution to a Wordle. Also, Adieu was super helpful today. A green I with a D and E in yellow. 

I was off to a great start. I figure this was going to the a three or four guesser. Oh was I wrong! Pride, Glide, Chide, and Snide all flew from my fingertips in a matter of seconds. Each word was a point on the emotional hill I was journeying down. At first, I had Pride at my second choice, figured I’d Glide in for a three guesser, then I felt the puzzle Chide me, only to realize how Snide this Wordle was. 

Yet none of them were correct! I switched up tactics, trying to start the word with a D or an E. It wasn’t until tryping the non-word Exide that I realized that I was wrong about the O.