The Expanse: I Started Reading Leviathan Wakes

I recently started watching The Expanse. For years I’ve been intending on reading the books first. I even downloaded a sample of Levithan Wakes about nine years ago. I liked it and I have no reason for not continuing reading it, but I didn’t. 

That is until my I watched the show. I couldn’t get enough of the expanse and wanted to know what the books were like. To my surprise while the show and the book share a lot of the same plot points, the overall tones are completely different. In the books, Holden’s group of four get along well. In the show, they could use a snickers.

There’s also a lot more context and information. Like knowing why Alex has a Texan accent. Naomi, as a belter, is over eight feet tall. Mars and Earth are much more at peace with one another than the show would let on. 

At some point, I stopped watching the show and kept reading the book. Now I’m waiting for the second one to be returned to the library. I can’t wait!