Wordle 363: The Answer Was Apron

I knew Wordle 363 was going to be difficult right away. Somewhere around the D in Adieu going gray right after the A and before the I. My lips puckered and shift toward the size in a moue. I knew sensed that Adieu was going to strike out.

I didn’t play for another twelve hours. When I got a green O and L from Story and Clock. 

Could the word really begin with F again so soon? I thought as I hit enter on Flown. After, I watched everything go green except the F

Blown had to the answer. Even though B rarely makes a presence in Wordle. In this case, B did appear though and I was finished. I was right, it was going to be a difficult Wordle. It was also the second puzzle in a row that was all gray or green.


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