Wordle 358: Float Was The Answer

Wordle 358 continued the days long new take on Wordle where I play it for hours. Unlike Wordle 357, I did finish this one. Unlike the previous Wordles, this one took me five guesses.

Adieu and Roast did great at getting a yellow O and A with a green T. That was that. 

Twelve hours later I returned with Gloat which shifted everything except the G to green. Awesome! So, I bet it’s Bloat, right? I mean, how many words this week are going to start with F. And someone at The Times has to be reading these posts, right? We have to be nemesi of sorts, right?


With the B sitting green and mocking me, I double checked my choices. Convinced that F couldn’t be the solution, but that was how it looked. That’s because that is how it was.



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