Wordle 355: The Answer Was Girth

Wordle 355 was decidedly slower paced than the previous Wordle. I played it for close to twelve hours. I still used four guesses, but the added length of time could be why I didn’t use six.

Adieu left with with a yellow I. That I put in Choir  immediately after. Adding a yellow H to the letters. 

Then I took a break, like an hours and hours long break. An entire workday passed. I took dogs for walks. Lived life and let all the words I was fixating on disappear.

When I came back Girth was an obvious choice. It just bubbled up in all that clear space I’d made available. No other words were there to hinder it’s arrival. But I chose to type in Birth at the last second. Because B so often appears in Wordle. For those keeping track it does not. 

Four guesses.


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