Wordle 352: Gloom Was The Answer

I thought Wordle 352 was a great Wordle. One of the kind of Wordless that made me take a few hour long breaks to figure out. Even though I was trying to use as few guesses as possible, it still took me five guesses to do. 

Adieu was no help and Roast added a yellow O. This is where hour long break occurred. While taking the dogs out I came up with Flown, which gave me a green L and O. It also helped address some semi-vowel concerns. Though I still couldn’t be sure if Y was lurking somewhere. Yet, it seemed to soon for Y to be at the end.

After a few hours of work, it was time to take the dogs out again. Before we’d even left, I’d conjured Block. I waited until we got back to enter it. When I did, I surprised that I got nothing. I was starting to feel stumped. Looking at all the ashen letters that I’d burned through. Gloom was the only word that made sense.


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