Wordle 351: The Answer Was Depth: The Guesses Did Not

Wordle 351 answer of Depth was ironic given the hissy fit a pitched about P not really showing up much in Wordle. In less than twelve hours of writing that post, P ended up appearing in Wordle. Don’t you think for a moment that my fingers paused in place, hovering above my keys. Tracing my soul for any sense of self-sabotage. My care levels were high, intentions pure, and guess true. 

Depth went green pretty quick. With Adieu being my go to starting word, D and E appeared in gold. In under thirty seconds I had those letters down at the end of Trode. After getting a yellow T in addition to everything that was already yellow staying yellow, I wasn’t sure where to go.

Words like Detox and Death came to mind. Both already eliminated by gray letters. However, the last one gave me inspiration for Depth. Full disclosure, I’d spelled it as Deth. Which was certainly not going to work for Wordle. 

Depth did however. Tiles are green, Wordle wasn’t that mean.


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