Wordle 349: The Answer Was Phase

Darn you Wordle 349! Wordle: The Word Game of Chance is how Wordle would have been packaged up if one of those 80’s board game companies had made it, well, in the 80’s. If my hands hadn’t been typing so briskly, I’m certain my palms would have begun to sweat. That’s how chancy this particular Wordle was.

I was given a fair amount of support with Adieu and by the time all the letters in Stare had flipped S was yellow while A and E were green. With a yellow S in the first spot, it became quite obvious it that the S actually belonged in the fourth spot. 

I remember hearing Tase in my head. Which of course doesn’t work as it is four letters. However, I was drawn to the zed sound that was being made. I thought Phase would be a good choice, but I knew that there were other choices. However, I ignored that and typed in Chase because C has a much better track record for being used. Is that actually good or bad in Wordle? Who knows!

In this case it was bad. Everything had gone green except the C. Immediately after, Phase was typed and return had been hit. I watched on as the P flipped and landed green. I felt relieved with my fourth guess, even though I could have gotten it in three if I’d chosen right. Wordle, it’s the word game of chance!


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