Wordle 348: The Answer Was Showy

Wordle 348’s answer was Showy. Which really was not all that showy. In fact, it was down right lips puckering frustrating. Because any reader will suspect that I had my suspicions around semi-vowels. Especially after Adieu struck out. However, the main reason is that I wasn’t expecting Y to be added to the end in such a way. Though it has happened in the past, it’s rare.

Worst was my second guess and it was a decent one with W, O, and S going yellow. Scowl was my next guess that I chose and typed it like some sort of wordslinger. Though I did double check it after the boneheaded move filled mess that was Wordle 347.

All that was once yellow turned green! Meaning that H was likely the second letter and therefore N was likely the last. Shown all went green, except for the last letter. What? I scanned over the available letters. Quickly traveling over Y as Wordle isn’t that kind of word puzzle. 

“Though Homer was once a choice.” I thought to myself about that Wordle that broke all the rules. While this wouldn’t even really be even a bending of said rules, it certainly isn’t that common. Wordle 313 had Zesty. Looking all the way back to Wordle 235, I can’t find another example. 

I was hesitant, but Showy was the only answer that made a little bit of sense. I went with it and won!


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