Wordle 347: Creak Was The Answer: I Need To Have Coffee First

Wordle 347 was nearly a Wordle X for me and it was all my fault. In Wordle 346 I made a bonehead move that turned out in my favor. It even made me wonder if bonehead moves can’t be all bad. Well, lemme tell you that line of thought is now gone. Bonehead moves are an either or, and they are always bad. Especially when you make two of them in a row. I really should have drank more coffee first.

Adieu and Stare left me with A, R, and E. Each one cloaked in yellow. I had over fifty percent of the letters in the puzzle uncovered it. I was killing it and Ready for a win.

What? That word is in italics, did that really happen. Yes, it did Wordlers, yes it did. A in the same place and a D, double eliminated. You would think that I would Learn, but I did not. With the A being triplicated in the same spot that it wasn’t, along with the E.

Freak came after a soul searching and calming moment. I truly double-checked and had a good think. I have to admit there was a little bit of self-deprecation in that guess. Everything but the F went green. 

I was back on track! The Wordle had to be Creak. Oh wait, Break or Wreak also work. Final guess and it was all chance. I ignored my semi-vowel paranoia and pondered the likelihood that B – a letter that rarely appears – would be in this Wordle. With Creak everything went green.

Never again.

But probably some time next week. 


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