Wordle 346: Manor Was The Answer

Wordle 346. Let’s just come right out and say it. I made a boneheaded move. I’d averted one such mistake already. Double checked all the letters, ensuring I was repeating the yellow letters where they were already known to be yellow. A minute went by, I changed the word and missed my mistake. Boneheaded moves take it out of me. I feel like I’ve completely wasted a guess. Even more so than when I use X in my word.

At least I’d cared for Adieu and Roast. Which had left me with a R, O, and A all in yellow. My first exercise was to move the aforementioned letters to the second, third, and fourth tiles respectively. That didn’t pan out. Letter’s that made sense had been eliminated. That’s when I went with Moral, making my boneheaded mistake. 

Though it did give me a green M, I could shake the embarrassment and the feeling that I’d wasted a guess. I just wanted Wordle 346 to be over with. Major was my next guess. I reckon I can spare a nod at my boneheaded guess to also recognize that it gave me a new direction for my guesses. Everything went green except the J. It was a quick guess and switch to Manor. That did go all green.

Maybe boneheaded moves aren’t all bad. Some are for sure. Like the ones that don’t give you a dang thing except the mocking voice in the back of your head. This one wasn’t all bad. A green letter along with a different and, more importantly, correct inspiration for my guess were results of my mistake. Oh, Wordle. Not only do you teach us new words, you teach us about ourselves.


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