Wordle 345: Atoll Was The Answer

Wordle 345 was a bit of an annoying one. I could feel it instantly as that A went green. Adieu is great for sorting out the vowels. Though sometimes it feels like I’ve painted myself into a corner. 

Which is why I quite easily went with Annoy. Even after a few moments of thinking on it, there was no other word I wanted to type. This was also somewhat due to my paranoia around semi-vowels. With the lack of vowels indicated by Adieu, that meant that O, W, or Y had to be in the Wordle. Either that, or the dreaded double letters. 

As expected, Annoy came back with nothing. Abort was my next choice. Honestly, perhaps my subconscious is suggesting that I take a break from Wordle. To which I say, “It has no idea what it’s talking about.” At least the T turned yellow.

I was a bit stumped on the fourth guess and eventually settled on Atoms. Even though I knew that pluralizing is something that the Wordle isn’t into. Like I said, I was stumped and I remained stumped as the T went green.

No other words were realized as I looked at the remaining consonants and that silly W. Then I tried running with double letters. I was not surprised, but thrilled when Atoll went green.


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