Wordle 344: Bayou Was The Answer

Wordle 344 knew I’m a creature of habit. It saw me and understood me. I like wake up, drink some coffee, complete a Wordle and then bang out a blog post. Honestly, I enjoy playing Wordle and writing down a quick chronicling. Though somedays are busier than others. Today is one of those days. I really wanted a quick win, so I could get to the writing part. Which is the part that I enjoy the most. With a three guess Wordle in just a couple of minutes, it was exactly the kind of Wordle action I needed today.

Though it didn’t seem like it was going to be at first. I stood pouring coffee into a cup and looking at the results of my opening guess. The A and the U in the Adieu sat in a line of gray. Each one was  robed in yellow and green respectivly.

A word that ended with U was quite concerning and stupefying. It made me think that this was going to be a word adopted from another language. Adopted, not adapted. Meaning that its letters and pronunciation both stayed intact.  There was also genuine concern around semi-vowels. I figured a word like Wagyu rebelliously checked all the boxes. Though I didn’t feel like it was the Wordle.

It wasn’t, but it did return a Y in that golden hue. I tried starting the word with Ya while filling out the unknown spaces with Q’s. None of that actually triggered any words. So I moved the Y to the right of the A. Bayou was the first word that came to mind. Everything went green and it was another drop in the bucket.


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