Wordle 343: The Answer Was Crept

Oh, Wordle 343. I wanted to like you. That isn’t how it really turned out though is it? You were a bit weird. I was a bit stuck in my thinking for a bit. We’re just not on the same frequency and shouldn’t probably won’t hang out in the future. Not that I’m hanging out with any Wordles. I’ve got far too many cats for that. 

In all actuality, I used five more guesses than I have cats to solve this Wordle. The first three came in fairly quick succession. Adieu, Stove, and Terry. Left me with E,R, and T all in yellow. Though my paranoia for Y and V had be satiated. Yet, there was still an concerning lack of vowels that indicated that W could be hiding in there somewhere. 

I spent the next few minutes tryping. Trying to hammer a square W into a round Wordle hole. That path turned out to be fruitless. I went to words that started with R. Also non-fruit bearing. What if it was a word that I didn’t know? My tryping went from measured to a flurry as I tried to find the proceeding letter to the last four being rent. When I hit return on Prent I was a little surprised that the P went yellow while everything but the N went green. 

At least I knew that the second to last letter was P. So invested in my previous line of thinking, I could feel the gears of my brain grind a bit. “How could P be the second to last letter?” Or some such nonsense vocalized aloud to the dog. Which is actually one of the two dogs that live at my place. 

That moment was enough for the grinding to stop and my mind to refresh. Obviously the Wordle was Crept. It’s not every Wordle where the solution aligns with how the solution came to mind. That’s creepy and just one more reason why we can’t hang out Wordle 343. You’re off putting. To the point that Crispin Glover would be cast to play you in the movie. 


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